🔥🔥UPDATE🔥🔥 on the Area 2 Spring Kick-off Show

As you are all aware we are learning to adjust our lifestyles daily. The Area 2 Show Management Team has made the difficult decision to reschedule our May 9th-10th show. Though this makes us all extremely sad it is something we need to do to look after everyone's health. Area 2 is happy though to announce that we have been working hard behind the scenes to reschedule the Area 2 Spring Kick-off to Sunday Aug 30th and Monday Aug 31st. The show will be followed by 2 down days and then continue on with the OQHA/OQHBF Summer Finale Thursday Sept 3rd thru Monday Sept 7th. There are a few items we would like to bring to everybody's attention;

1) For those that have already or still wish to pay for your Area 2 Spring Kick-off stalls and Hookups by May 9th, Area 2 will give you a 10% discount off your Area 2 Spring Kick-off entries (entries only) at the show.

2) If you have paid for stalls already and wish a full refund we can send that out to you now.

3) Area 2 will cover the extra cost of your stall and hookup to bridge the days between the 2 circuits.

4) Area 2 will still be holding our Lasagna Dinner on Sunday Aug 30th, tickets can be purchased on your stall form

5) if you do not wish to take advantage of the 10% discount on your entries, by paying for your stall and hookup by May 9th, you will have until Aug 1st to book and pay.

6) These 2 Circuits are being run totally separate therefore Area 2 Spring Kick-off payments need to be made payable to Area 2 Quarterhorse or etransfers to area2quarterhorse@gmail.com for your stall/hookup/shavings/entries. OQHA/OQHBF Summer Finale stalls and entries must be made payable to OQHBF or etransfers to oqhastalls@gmail.com and credit cards will also be excepted for this show. Unfortunately if stall payments are combined you will be asked to resubmit payment to the correct payees.

7) Forms are available at www.area2.ca for the Area 2 Show for and at www.oqha.on.ca for the OQHA/OQHBF Summer Finale Show

Sorry for the long message but we wanted to try and cover everything. We are excited for these 2 circuits and hope to see everybody at the shows healthy and safe.